Welcome to Jovan's research page!


If only I had waited for tomorrow I could have posted an entry exactly 1 year from the last time I did anything with this little blog in the corner of cyberspace. Anyways I'm trying to be more diligent now to at least ramble in here every week or so. My calendar tells me when since I have so many other corners of the cyber world that demand my attention. Right now I'm obsessed with stationery. I just keep thinking about pens all day while at work. It's really becoming quite the disease I think. A disease I can't stop loving. I'm really enjoying the pens my wife bought me for our wedding anniversary and my birthday. I use them all every day. Oh and the notebooks too! I finally filled up my plain spiral 5 subject notebook I bought at a CVS drug store and am using the gorgeous Peter Pauper Press Tree of Dreams she bought me. So nice! The paper is thick and smooth. Perfect for the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Dots fountain pen she bought me. And Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo Moonlight is a great color for the journal. It's the only pen and ink combination I want to use for it. I call it my one notebook, one pen, one ink challenge. To have the combo dedicated to each other for the life of the journal is a fun little challenge for a guy who likes to change it up with a different pen and ink combo every day.


Woo-hoo! Remotesclub is still in business! That's good to know. I'll be hopefully posting a lot more stuff this year. I'm just barely starting to get backinto the blogging game. I look forward to writing about all the random stuff in my head with you! Thanks for keeping yourself up and running! See you soon!


Research? What research? We don't need no stinkin research!

As you can tell I have not been doing a lot of productive research lately. I am trying to read up on Bayesian Networks and Discrete Even Simulation to finish school. Work has been boring, of the button pushing variety. I'm getting distracted so easily because of that. In the afternoons I get so sleepy that I just have to break down and buy a Dr. Pepper even though my triglyceride levels will suffer from it. I went running yesterday evening to help burn that sugar off. I tried to go to sleep early too, like at 10 p.m.

Today I dumpster dived on the way to work. Being addicted to notebooks, it was inevitable. I have been driving by this big pile of garbage by the road for over a week now. Well today I noticed two Five Star notebooks stacked on top of the broken furniture. I had just rained two days ago, so I wondered if the Five Star was touch enough to survive that kind of a beating. Well the edges obviously suffered but otherwise the blank pages still seemed usable. Then I realized that a large portion of the garbage pile was just partially used notebooks! I couldn't believe it. So I gathered them up as quickly as I could trying to avoid anything that would bite or infect me. There were ants all over the place. I wondered what they were eating. I grabbed a great big armload of notebooks and stuffed them into the trunk of my car, which conveniently had an empty plastic tub just waiting for this future goldmine of literary potential.

It's amazing how much Google has cataloged of my life. I find so many scientific papers and blogs I've written. If I type in "jovan remotes.club" this little website is actually found. Google is amazing. There are presentations that I have forgotten about and yet there they are deep into the list of all things Jovan. Pretty neat. A real trip down memory lane. It means I should be writing more cool technical stuff for the world to find.

So yeah, who knows when someone will stumble upon this silly website. One of many I have created to chronicle my thoughts. I wonder if someone has enough information about me to create an AI that can emulate me. Probably not yet. I'm not that open about every little detail of my personal life on the internet. Just my passions, obsessions, and research. Lots and lots of research projects that I have participated in. It's a beautiful life, at least to me.

And now here I am. Rotating through a whole slew of websites I have created in order to maintain their vitality. I should throw in my technical interest blogs into the mix. That way I can focus on specific topics instead of just rambling on like I like to do here. A steady stream of conscious noise to most people I bet. Oh to stream our thoughts into the void and pine to be heard by others and congratulated on being ourselves. That's probably why most people blog, for someone to pat them on their back. I just like to ramble. I like to write. And I like to think.

I've written a lot today. It's my biggest post on this website so far. I'm glad it's still running. Kudos to the guy who has been able to keep it going. Hopefully he or she enjoys the nonesense that people spout off in his server. I'm server there are a few nuggets of wisdom here and there too, but you ain't getting any of that from me!

Panel repair is going smoothly. I'll be done soon and have the rest of the day free to do some real thinking type work. Finally!!! Hooray!!! And hopefully by lunch time all of the ants on those trashed notebooks will be dead and I can take a closer look at what I got. Lot's of free pages to ramble on. I can't believe how wasteful people can be. Only in American it seems. 'Merica!!!

I mean. I was really sad that someone would just throw away a little kids notebooks like that. That was this kids life work so far! I wonder what happened. It's like his or her entire room was just cleared out and thrown onto the side of the road. Maybe I'll get clues by reading the notebooks. Maybe I'll have to call the cops about it. Hmmm...

This is why we look at piles of garbage. Because in reality they are piles of information. Information that could prove useful to us in the future. Really I grabbed the notebooks because I saw a lot of blank pages in them, and that seemed like a huge waste of dead trees to me. But the filled up pages will tell a story. Just like that book that's coming out in October, about a guy who finds 144 journals in the trash, and he reads through them all in order to identify the person, and write about what's interesting in his life. I'm going to do the same for this little kid.


The latest research has been focused on Perl. I'm looking into learning more about Devel::Cover and Perl::Critic for a homework assignment this week.


Check out Notebook Stories for a chance to win Monologue Notebooks!


Things are going well for me and I am really glad that this node is still online. :-)


Here I will post about my research done using remotes.club resources!

I just installed the Perl Data Language using perlbrew. Here are the steps I keep doing to install my little numerical analysis setup:

  1. Install perlbrew

  2. Setup perlbrew

  3. List available perl distributions

  4. Install distribution of choice

  5. Install PDL

The build process doesn't catch all of the needed dependencies so you have to install them separately. I learned this the hard way by looking through the build logs every time the PDL build failed. There is a log of stuff in PDL, especially since I like to install pdl2, the new PDL REPL.

Eventually I want to create a password protected interface to PDL so I can crunch numbers using perl on the cloud!